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FYI...They have begun road construction on Turner Warnell Road right in front of our facility, so the road is posted as closed both next to the highway and on the other side by Calendar Road. The construction workers will let you drive thru onto the road if you pull up and let them know you are going to our facility. They are supposed to stop their construction between 3-4pm eveyday and open the road up again to traffic. Sorry for this inconvenience, but just wanted to give everyone a heads up so you are aware of the situation and know that you can pass thru onto the road during the construction. Thanks

Skill Center reaches 11 Year Anniversary!

Completely Air Conditioned Facililty

The Skill Center Batting Cage & Training Facility is a baseball and softball indoor batting cage facility. We offer many different services designed to help develop the skills of young baseball and softball players. You will find out everything you need to know about the Skill Center right here on our website. Including information about our facility, camps, memberships, teams, private lessons, group lessons, college placement program, college recruitment videos, speed and agility training, as well as strength and conditioning programs.

    Recent News

    3rd Annual Summer Workouts for Softball Registration Now Open
    4th Annual Summer Workouts for Baseball Registration Now Open

    Reserve a live tunnel!

    First: Check the availability (gray=available) by clicking here --->
    Find a time that is right for you, and then contact the Skill Center by email, or you can call us at (817) 478-8171 to schedule your tunnel time.
    Your reservation is not guaranteed until you receive a verbal or email confirmation from one of our staff members. Please call the Skill Center if you have not received a confirmation within 8 hours.

    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation Policy

    Note: If you don't have your own bucket of balls, you can check out one of our buckets to use for your reservation time. Friendly reminder: no spikes or cleats in our live tunnels!

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    Note*If you are a baseball or softball player who would like to apply, you will be put on a waiting list because we already have a baseball/softball player on our staff and can't have 2 with the same schedule.*